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Las Vegas, USA office

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How create a Dental CRM with 1500+ B2B leads on early stages of MVP release?

Business Pains We Solved

  • Reducing the cost and increasing the speed of product development;
  • Have a strong competitive advantage and seek investment to enter the American and European markets;
  • Marketing Cost Optimization.


Project Goals
  1. Create a CRM system for dentists that will be distinguished by its simplicity, ease of use and modern design;
  2. Create an innovative IT project in 6 months;
  3. Gather a large community of dental clinic owners and create the coolest content, even before the release of the project;
  4. Attract at least 300 clinic owners to test the product MVP with just organic traffic and content management.


3 month

struction creation and UI/UX design

6 month

of web and mobile development

1 500+

owners and managers
of dental clinics
in the Telegram channel


active accounts at the time of release of the MVP version

Our impact

1st step

Start of the project

Entrepreneurs often disdain the stage of architecture and run ahead to saw the product live. What does it lead to? In overrates, delays and high costs of extra resources.

It is very important to spend enough time and money to correctly think over the architecture of the future product, draw the featured and the unique trade proposition. Even better is to test the concept with a focus group and make changes to the logic at the beginning stage. And only then start development.

It is best to do the architecture and planning phase in collaboration with Architects and Designers who specialize in your area.

Think through all the details of the project at once you are doing architecture, and do not change anything until the release of the MVP version.


The right structure speeds up development and minimizes the number of edits.

2 step

UX Design

An competitors analysis showed us that 90% of all CRMs’ for dentistry have a very high entry threshold for the average user, due to the complexity of the UX and almost everything is just so hard to understand.

So it was a big challenge for us to make the modern design and at the same time so easy and simple to use for ordinary employees and clinic owners – so that the start of work did not require any outside specialists’ help or communication with Ai-clinic support.

The creation of the first prototypes took about 3 weeks. During this time, we tried dozens of different options until we came to one final design style.


miro and figjam

Where did we work? Miro or FigJam are very simple and free tools for creating product logic and architecture that you can teach how to work with them just by yourself in a couple of minutes. Here we created all the logic and then drove and improved it through the staff and the owner of the dental clinic, so to make sure we don’t forget any small detail.

No need to build a skyscraper from the very beginning. It is better to release the product fast and test it on real users.

Simplify your MVP as much as you can and release your product in a couple of months, then test it on a pre-created user base. You will already know whether what you have in mind works or no one needs this functionality. And you can refine and improve your product further and later, much faster than at the start of development.

3 step

Logic integration and design testing on real users

In order to save time and money, it is necessary to test your project on design stage and work logic through on real users. You can do this in the service for example. For a small price, you can get the experience of using a large amount of real audience.

Also, throughout the project, we worked very close with the dental clinic. We spent at least few hours a week in a real clinic in Lviv and tested all the functionality with doctors, assistants, administrators and directors of the clinic. Everyone was constantly involved in the development of logic and testing, first on design stage, then testing the final version of the MVP.

user testing

What you think that will be convenient and useful for users – in fact, it can be just an illusion.

Test your design, look deeply for feedback, and make design changes before development begins. It will save you a lot of time and therefore money.

4 step

Which programming language to choose?

After we finished the full structure, when it was already clear the main set of functionality that we needed to implement, we had to decide which technology stack we should use. We chose such programming languages that gave us painless development, and scaling of the product without loss of quality and without increasing the cost. We also needed to ensure maximum data security and speed of their transfer.


development languages python angular flutter figma

For development we have chosen:

  • Python / Django for back-end – for the sake of relatively of low development cost and speed. The advantage was that future artificial intelligence, which we planned, is often written in this language;
  • Angularjs for front-end – one of the most popular languages, a lot of technical advantages, development speed, perfomance speed etc.;
  • Flutter for mobile app dev – creating an application simultaneously on iOS and Android at the same time. Pros: 2 times cheaper, 2 times faster.
  • Figma for design – the best tool for a design with a possibility to test designs with large group of users and online work in designers or client.

Determine your main functionality and the direction of development where you will move at the very first stages of the project life, in order to immediately determine which development languages suit you.

5 step

Development start

After finishing biggest part of the design, we were ready to start developing the backend architecture and start preparing the project for a full launch. We processed to work only completely finished blocks of the design, so as not to redo them later.

At the same time as we were creating the architecture, a full backlog of the project was also created. Backlog was shared with the client, where he could see the entire progress of the project and tasks.

Use Scrum technology in development. It is most suitable for developing of large applications and every 2 week release. So you can see the progress of your product development right away.

6 step

Community creation

At the same time as the start of development, we have started creation of a community of potential customers – the owners and managers of dental clinics. We have created a marketing plan for the next 6 months to prepare the base of potential customers for the release of the Beta version. After the creation, we’ve started targeted advertising in Facebook and Instagram, which led to the Telegram channel, where an audience of dental owners and individual dentists slowly began to gather.

Before the first release, we had about 1500 people gathered in Telegram channel. Thanks to this, we received more than 300 registrations in the first days of the release of the beta version. If wi haven’t done that we will not be able to test the load on the project and get a lot of feedback about our product.

Thanks to the correct creation of the structure and design, we released with a minimum number of bugs.

ai-clinic telegram subscribers


Gathering, albeit a small, but active community at the stage of your product architecture is an investment that will pay you back a hundredfold.

The bottom line is that no one will tell you how to make a product better than its future users. You will be surprised by how much people like to be “first” in some products and how responsibly they treat the role of “early adopter / ambassador”. They will distribute your product with friends, write suggestions and comments to you, they are more likely to buy the product themselves etc.

The easiest way to collect them is in a cozy telegram/whatsapp chat (or Facebook group). For example, we created a comprehensive training content plan for the C-level staff of dental clinics: we talked about major changes in the field, about life hacks, useful tools, etc. Well, they talked a lot about the future product and asked the opinions of our audience.

7 step


Right after the release, we got about 300 users, in the first few days. In the next 2 months, more than 200 people signed up.

And this is without additional advertising! The effectiveness of the Telegram channel was 35%.

ai-clinic testimonials

Set up calls with real users, ask what they are interested in, what problems they have with the product. Always listen and change your product.


Attracting a large number of solvent and interested users, creating a large and complex product can be done in just 6 months with a minimum number of errors.

The main thing is to initially determine the pains that need to be solved, put a lot of emphasis on design and logic. Invest in collecting and attracting the interest of the most important Target audience, which pays for your service and be maximally integrated into the product already at the MVP stage.

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